Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cricut Cartridges Mega Sale

Did the title capture your attention???
I wanted to let everyone know that I happened to stroll into Michaels earlier today and I was shocked to find $9.99 cricut cartridges!!! Not every Michaels has the same promos, but it's worth stopping by and taking a peek :) I was informed that some of the Michaels stores won't start this sale until Saturday the 8th (this coming weekend).
The selection is limited, but still worth checking out.

Some of the cartridges I saw under the $9.99 promo are:
  • Pagoda
  • A Child's Year
  • Simply Sweet
  • Sweethearts (I want this one!!!)
  • Stand and Salute
  • Jubilee
This is the one I purchase (I got the last one!! Woo Hoo)
That's all for today. Hope this post was informative :o) 


*A* said...

I went to check it out and ended up coming home with Stand and Salute and Sweet Treats, both of which were on my wishlist!
::happy dance::

Janet said...

Angela, it's like Christmas all over!! hahaha
Saturday I was able to pick up: Paisley, Sweethearts, Poo Fonts & Forever Young which was accidentally put on 9.99 rack and they had no choice but sell it to me at that price ~score!!~)

Janarn said...

I was so sad. My Michaels didn't have any of these $9.99 carts. Janet, you really lucked out. Great for you!

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