Sunday, January 2, 2011

Birthday Card

I am bummed out the holidays are over!!! I look forward to all the festivities...and poof!!...gone...but a lot of happy memories remain :-)

Luckily, February will be a very busy month for me! 
Plenty of birthdays to celebrate!!
Let's niece on the 1st, my sis in law on the 5th, my other sis in law on the 8th, my darling hubby on the 12th & let's NOT forget Valentine's Day on the 14th which also happens to be the birthday of a dear friend. I better get started with card making!!

Here's a card I made for my youngest sis in law who will be celebrating her 28th birthday!! OMG!! I can't believe it! I met her when she was 14...& I used to help her with biology homework.....oh the memories...

Card Recipe:
  • std. A2 card (black card stock)
  • pattern paper 5 1/4"x4" (k.i memories, classic prints pad)
  • orange scrap paper 4"x1 1/4"
  • purple scrap paper 3 1/2"x3"
  • white scrap paper 3"x2 3/4"
  • stickles & purple bling
Stamp image on white scrap paper (stamp is from Michaels)

stamp image again of color card stock and cut out the cupcakes

glue cut pieces to image, attach to purple card stock & decorate with stickles


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