Sunday, November 7, 2010

Card Progress

Here's my progress on the Christmas cards my darling friend Diane asked me to design for her.
This is what I far....
I am currently working on additional cards, but I wanted to share what I accomplished this weekend.

I wish I could just sit at my desk and craft ALL day, but I will end up with a dirty house, huge piles of laundry and a hungry family lol

Wishing everyone a blessed week :)


Kelly said...

Super cute cards cant wait to see the rest!!! I didnt see a place to follow your blog??

paperHoot said...

Thanks Kelly :)
You can click the google Follow button on the left hand side under My Friends, and u can follow my blog that way.
I hope this helps.

Kelly said...

Thanks, I looked and looked and didnt see that before. I guess I have already clicked follow. I look forward to following you.

paperHoot said...

hahaha Thanks for being a follower :)
I joined ur blog as well. I ADORE the super cute snowman card you made!

girlia said...

Great Job !!

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