Monday, February 28, 2011

a Frame & a few stories

Hey everyone =) Hope you all had a pleasant weekend. I was busy mopping floors and dusting for the past 5 days since we remodeled the guest bathroom. It was crazy with all the dust, noise, people, did I mention dust??!!?? But everything is back to normal now & I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. Who knew a bathroom could make me this happy..heehee
So now you know the reason for my lack of posts & submission to challenges.
I missed being in my craft room!!

Over the weekend I worked on a picture frame I made for my daughter. She is truly a gift in my life. I know she is now a teen (I can't believe she will graduate from middle school in 3 months!!) , but she is still my goofy little girl =)
I purchased the frame at Michaels ($1), and I used Mod Podge (matte finish) to seal the paper to the frame.
Other supplies I used: MS Doily Lace edge punch, craft paper (K&Company Carolyn Gavin Greenhouse stack), Tim Holtz paper distresser, flower punch, various chipboard & stickers.

I also wanted to share Ashley's clay project for her adv. art class. Poor thing, she had such a difficult time adhering the pieces together. First, one of the hearts fell off on the way to school, then the head fell when one of her friends took a 'closer' look. She was so grumpy while working on this project, all the unfortunate mishaps. But she had success at last & turned in her project in one piece!!

My final share for the evening is a package I got from Norway!! OMG, I was so freaking thrilled & excited. My sweet & darling friend Lilli a.k.a. The Crazy Card Maker sent me the nicest package. It was filled with goodies!! She even crochet my daughter some hand warmers, which came in so handy since it's been freezing over here in So. Cal. & to top that off (I didn't think it was possible!!!), she gave me a cartridge that SHE won in a challenge!! Can you believe this girl!! I was tearing up when I saw the note she sent me and the fact she was so generous to think of me. I just love her! Hopefully one day I will be so lucky to meet you in person, Lilli. You are the greatest friend <3

Thanks for stopping by & visiting me =)


Sharon said...

What an awesome frame!! Love it!! Your DD did a great job with the clay project. How wonderful it is!!! What a great package you got!! :)

Tracey M. said...

Hi Janet!

Thanks for the sweet comments! I most certainly agree - Kathy is amazing! The frame you made for your daughter is darling and you have such a sweet friend! I now too am a follower of your blog!


The Crazy Cardmaker said...

Such a great frame for a great young lady =) And one day... We will meet. We just have Sitting here with tears in my eyes that a little gift from Norway made you so happy =) Really made my day when I got word that it had all gotten there. And today we finally got word that our loan has gone through, so now i can really start planning my wedding =) And get a new car...OMG =)

Biiiig hugs =)

Sandy Ang said...

Love your altered frame.Those colours are great !

The Crazy Cardmaker said...

Yeah feels so great to not have to worry about my car anymore. We will be getting an Audi or a Volkswagen. Just got to find one at a reasonable price =) Yeah i have had some luck on blog hops lately. And it is so much fun. Havent followed many lately tho, since i have been worried sick about this loan. So hows you and your family? Did mister man enjoy his chocolate =P

Hugs =)

L.B. said...

Love your frame and love your daughter's clay got some talent at your house. Thansk for the kind words on my blog...I am now your newest follower!

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